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Who Dat?

It’s MO, Monique or Z4dfense. I’m a not so recent transplant to the Valley of the Sun… Phoenix, AZ or the 2nd level of Hell as I like to call it.

I am an avid or perhaps rabid Arizona Coyotes fan, a fan of hockey in all of its forms and have been since around 1991. I originally discovered the love of the game when my kids caught the bug.

I have been a team mom, beer league goalie and a coach of youngsters so I have been involved with quite a few facets of the game.

I came from King’s country but was never a fan of the team. (BEAT LA!) I fell in love with Arizona’s motley crew when I moved here and have been involved as a fan and blogger through thick and thin.

Hopefully, the thin times are finally coming to a close and I look forward to yakkin and writing about the team in the coming years with you all.



Moved to the desert and found… hockey?!

I grew up in Los Angeles and despite being around for Gretzky joining the Kings, I never got into or understood hockey.

Knowing I was a sports fanatic, a friend invites me to a Coyotes game. That game happened to be a Whiteout playoff game against the St. Louis Blues. The game, the atmosphere… I was hooked!

I’ve been behind the scenes for quite a few years now, helping Mo with what use to be Coyotes Hip Check and transitioned to Melted Puck. I’ve written articles as Hat Trick Hound and developed the websites to help bring our passion to a wider audience.

Now I’ll be stepping out of the shadows more to co-host the Melted Puck Podcast and contribute to articles and social media more often.

I believe the team has laid the groundwork for what will become an exciting Coyotes team to watch that is competitive for a number of years.


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