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When I first read the news I was stunned… then angry…then effing FURIOUS!

How dare they dump my Captain? How dare they try to replace the best piece of the Coyotes? Why would they excise the heart of the team?

Then I took a page out of Captain Heart and Soul’s book and looked at the issue from both sides, tried to see what Shane was telling us to look at in his interviews with Gambo and with the TSN1050.

I could see where Andrew Barroway (Johnny Come Lately) would not see the horrific ramifications of his decision to dump the “old” and jumpstart the “new” without taking into account… the Yotes don’t make the playoffs for 2017-2018 with or without Mr. Doan, so why do this now? Why do it this way? I call BULLSHIT on the necessity of this.

Dear Mr. Barroway,

You have not been here long enough to fully comprehend what you have done. It isn’t ‘what’ you have done so much as ‘how’ you did it. Seriously, at first I could not see a GOOD solution (a “good” way to do it at all) but now after some contemplation, I see a few other paths. Paths that would have allowed the fans to grieve and accept. Paths that would have left the Captain with some dignity, a reward for his loyalty and a chance to say goodbye.

First up, you have been the majority owner for awhile now. Long enough to pretty much know you didn’t want Shane back this season. So to allow the fiction that the choice would be up to him was a major butt munch move.

Secondly, to baldly just announce the parting like it was simply business (the thank you for your service announcements aside, because it felt like a sloppy aside) was also pretty munchy.

Thirdly to not discuss any alternatives with the man who almost single-handedly kept the team afloat and on the ice, not to mention butts in the seats was definitely the most egregious error of all.

When I say discuss… refer to the first crapfest… you probably knew you were kicking Shane to the curb back before you became the single team owner (2016-2017 you were the majority owner for crap’s sake, you had the ability to make decisions stick). Sit the man down, tell him, Dude, we are moving forward without you next year, how do you want to handle it? Work out something like… oh, I don’t know? We can trade you at 2016-2017 deadline and let you chase a cup, bring you back before the season opener 2017-2018 and you retire as a Coyote, retire your number. You know, something with pride and honor.

For the second referral, I have no words, no ability to justify, a complete inability to figure out how this jack knob, the abrupt announcement wouldn’t hurt, offend, infuriate and just plain piss off the Pack faithful. So is that who we are now? A business only? What WalMart or Target or Macy’s quality? What is our identity now? Who sells that to the team and to the fans now?

For the third… again with the discussion, only move it up one year to 2017-2018.

Hey, Shane, the team isn’t going to suck complete squirrel nuts but we ain’t going hunting for his Lordship’s silver cup either. I want to run some things by you for 2017-2018 before you make up your mind about whether you want to play again. Normally it would be Chayka talking to you but DUDE! YOU HAVE BEEN THE ROCK THAT THE TEAM HAS DEPENDED ON FOREVER. I had to come to you directly out of respect for all you have done to maintain this franchise. You are not JUST a player and I am grateful to all you have done for this team. So let’s get to the nitty gritty shall we?

#1 It will be your last season as a Coyote. Period. Full stop. No reprieve so don’t whine, it is what it is.

#2 Your minutes will be reduced. Gotta give the minutes to the young guns, get them ready to survive the gauntlet that is the NHL business.

#3 We would like you to give young OEL as much of a heads up on being a good Captain as possible and even prepare the rest of the kidlets for the passing of the torch. Think of yourself as Yoda yeah? Or Obi-Wan if you don’t like being short and green.

#4 At the trade deadline 2017-2018, I will ask you again, do you want to go chase a cup? If you don’t we can announce you want to retire a Coyote and that this will be your last go round. At that point, there will probably be a bunch of crying and some tribute shit at each rink we visit, our ticket sales will go through the roof as your fans try to get one more shot at saying goodbye to their idol. Can you handle being used as a media device and attendance machine? (oh wait, you are used to that, NVM)

So go home, talk to the fam, let me know your decision on Saturday and we’ll have time to get everything in place for you to announce you are hanging up your skates or coming back for the last time or moving on to chase a cup. Here’s my home number or you can call Chayka if you’d rather talk to him. Thanks again for everything.

So I sit here, not in tears but definitely in sorrow and contemplate this whole fiasco.

Our team will suffer. Who teaches OEL to lead the pups into battle? Who teaches the pups what it takes to survive the NHL experience… getting through the sophomore slump, how to keep in shape, eat right, train right by example, not for 5 years or even just the ice game but how to be the best you that you can. What about how to treat your community? How to be a role model?

Our community will definitely suffer not having the Captain and his family front and center. Not just our community but all kinds of charitable communities.

Our Pack will suffer, who looks at the staff and sees real people? Jukka’s memorial service comes to mind. So does the lockout season when insurance for the staff was not covered.

Remember the bankruptcy years? Remember the attempted hijacking by the Blackberry King? Remember all the relocation rumors? Attacks from certain Northerly press corps members? His gracious poise in acknowledging the Kings after losing in the Western Conference Finals to those cheap shot artists? (sorry, that last 1 pisses me off still, but then again I never claimed to be Doan-like)

Do you remember even 1 time during all the bullshit, that our captain panicked, was less than gracious, lost hockey focus, did not keep the team on point? Yeah, me neither.

Yet, the time has come for Shane Albert Doan to move on no matter how it has happened. Yes, he will be missed. Will I still support my reduced Pack? Yes… but losing Z in such a shitty way and now the Captain, yet again in a douchey manner. I have some grieving to do before throwing my heart back on the ice. I hope to see you all howling along… for as long as we have a team, we have a pack and if all of us sekritly hope The Doaner goes to another team and hoists a cup… well, that is only as it should be.

Vaya Con Dios Shane Albert Doan, Captain and Pack Leader Extraordinaire. I will forever grateful to you for showing me something to howl about in the business of sports and giving my hockey-loving heart a safe and happy place to howl from. You will be missed but your place in Coyotes history has been cemented in into the hearts of the fans forever.

~Z4dfense & Steve

Thank You Shane Doan


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