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We’re back.

Funny how the first post is always the hardest, then once you get the first sentence down, you just can’t shut up.

So much has happened in just a few months. We’ve changed names and direction from Coyote Hip Check to Melted Puck. Weird I know but come on… Melted Puck is perfect for hockey in the desert. Didja know you can actually melt a puck out here in the summer? Takes some 115 degree days and a nice unshaded spot but you really can do it LOL

Melted Puck and Coyote Hip Check are melding hockey minds. Going forward Steve and Monique and hopefully, some guests will be discussing the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL in general with blogs and podcasts. Hope you will join us each week as we have discussions and write about the perfect sport.

2017-2018 is going to be a wild ride. We may not quite be ready to contend for the Cup but we will be fun to watch! We’ve got rookies to root for, an arena to build, traditions to develop, rumors to squash, a fan base to drag back into the pack and so much more.

Upcoming events will be a recap of 2016-2017, some talk about what the offense and defense players that we have left look like, what we need to fill our holes going forward, the expansion draft and all of its options, the 2017 NHL draft and then on to the season and all of the happenings… there will probably be some snarky rants, some nicknames to be figured out and lots of fun.

So we hope you will join us here, Facebook and Twitter as we bring you some Arizona Coyotes and NHL action.

~Don’t Stop Believin~

Monique AKA Z4Defense

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